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Below are a list of frequently asked questions relating to our Life Insurance Policies.

  • Why should I buy insurance from Namforce?
    We are committed to putting customers’ needs first! Our products protect you and provide a wide range of benefits.
  • How do I purchase your products and services?
    You may visit our office at Millennium House, 2nd Floor, Cnr Robert Mugabe Ave & Dr.AB May Street, Windhoek , Namibia You may also speak with any of our Call Centre representatives for advice on +264 (0) 61 202 3800
  • How can I pay my premium?
    When you purchase an insurance policy from Namforce, we offer a number of flexible payment options including bank transfers, debit orders or stop orders.
  • Will this plan pay when someone covered on the policy dies?
    Yes, this plan provides a payout in the event of the death of a person covered under the policy.
  • Can changes be made to my Family Funeral Plan?
    Yes, you can make changes to your Family Funeral Plan. You have the flexibility to add family members or a spouse/partner, adjust the amount of cover, and choose a new beneficiary.
  • Will my monthly premiums increase over the years?
    Yes, premiums will increase as your loved ones age and move through different age bands. You will be notified about premium increases at least 30 days in advance.
  • What are the exclusions and excluded activities on the Family Funeral Plan?
    The Family Funeral Plan has the following exclusions: Suicide within the first 24 months from the start of the Plan Intentional, self-inflicted injuries or deliberate exposure to unnecessary danger War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, terrorism, civil war, rebellion, revolution, or related occurrences Radioactivity or nuclear explosion Any act or omission by the covered person that violates the law Natural causes within the first 12 months from the start of the Plan (accidental death coverage only during this period) Natural causes within the first 6 months of adding an additional covered person (except when a child turns 21 and is immediately added by the primary covered person)
  • When will the cover start?
    Coverage for you and your loved ones begins from the date of your first premium payment. Your membership certificate, containing personal details of the covered persons, will be emailed to the address provided during the online purchase process.
  • Who can take out this Plan and who can be covered under this Plan?
    Any person aged between 18 and 64 years, with a valid Namibian identity number, can take out this Plan. Covered persons must be Namibian citizens with valid Namibian identity numbers. The primary covered person is automatically covered, and their children are also covered. Additionally, the Plan may cover the spouse/partner, parent(s), parent(s)-in-law, adult siblings, and adult children.
  • How long will the cover last?
    The Family Funeral Plan provides lifelong coverage for covered persons as long as premiums are paid or until death occurs.
  • Do I have a 'cooling-off' period?
    Yes, you have a one-month cooling-off period from the starting date of the Plan. During this period, you can cancel the Plan by contacting Namforce Life Insurance at +264 (0)61 202 3800. If you cancel within the cooling-off period, all premiums paid will be refunded, less expenses and costs incurred in respect of the Plan up to cancellation.
  • How long does it take for a claim to be paid?
    Claims are typically paid within 48 hours after receiving and verifying all supporting documents, such as the death certificate, medical statement for the cause of death, copies of ID for the claimant and deceased, and bank confirmation for the claimant.
  • What is Namibia Defence Force (NDF) Group Scheme?
    NDF Group Scheme provides risk cover to members of the NDF. The NDF Risk Cover Scheme is underwritten and administered by Namforce Life Insurance Limited, a Namibian Financial Services Company, registered with Namfisa to provide Insurance Cover in respect of life insurance.
  • Who is eligible for the scheme membership?
    All premium paying employees of NDF or the Ministry of Defence and their immediate family members qualify for cover from the scheme. Immediate family includes the spouse and children of the members of NDF. The scheme is compulsory for all NDF employees and the cover is provided on a group scheme basis.
  • What are my benefits?
    In an event of a death or disability of the covered members the following benefits are payable:
  • How and when are the benefits payable?
    In an event of a death of a main member, and upon receiving a claim, the benefit, consisting of the funeral benefit of N$10,000 and death benefit of N$30,000.00 respectively, will be paid to: The spouse or; A person nominated as a beneficiary by the member in writing or; If the member has not nominated such a person, to a person, as specified by the insurers, together with the employer, and who in the opinion of the insurer and employer is a family member or a factual or legal dependent of the insured person, in respect of whom the claim has been lodged. If the specific person is unable to take care of his/her affairs or is a legal minor, then payment will be made to an individual or institution legally appointed to take care of such a person's affairs. If for a period of more than 12 months, the employer and insurer are unable to trace the beneficiary of such a claim, the death benefit may be paid to the insured person's estate. The funeral and death benefits are payable within 48 hours of the insurer receiving a fully completed claim form with all the required supporting documents. Death benefit is payable upon receipt of all required documents. The disability benefit is payable once the insurer has received medical confirmation that a member is eligible for the said benefit. All payments are made by means of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
  • What do these benefits cost?
    Currently the employer(s) is required to pay on behalf of a policyholder a Monthly Premium of N$ 110 in respect of each member. The premium is deducted from a member's monthly salary and is payable in advance on the first day of each month.
  • When does compulsory membership cease?
    Memberships of the scheme ceases in an event that a member is no longer an employee of either the NDF or the Ministry of Defence, either due to death, disability, resignation or retirement. (Retirement refers to Early, Normal or Late retirement, as per NDF Human Resource Policy and the Public Service Act No.13 of 1995 as amended).
  • How do I claim for the benefits?
    The employer, on the behalf of a member, spouse, dependent or a nominee, should submit a claim to the insurer on a prescribed claim form. The claim form needs to be accompanied by all the necessary documents as indicated on the claim form. Therefore members (or insured spouse, dependants or beneficiaries) are required to approach the employers Human Resource department for purpose of lodging a claim.
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