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Privacy and Fraud

Fraud and Security

At Namforce Life Insurance, we prioritize the security of our customers' personal information and remain vigilant against fraudulent activities. We understand the importance of maintaining the trust and confidence of our policyholders. This page provides information on the measures we have in place to protect your data and ensure a secure environment for all your interactions with us.


Data Protection

We treat your personal information with the utmost care and have implemented stringent security measures to safeguard it. Our systems and processes comply with industry standards and relevant data protection regulations. We maintain secure servers, robust firewalls, and employ encryption technologies to protect your data from unauthorized access.


Fraud Prevention

Namforce Life Insurance is committed to preventing and detecting fraudulent activities. We employ advanced fraud detection systems and continuously monitor transactions and account activities for any suspicious behaviour. Our dedicated team of experts undergoes regular training to stay updated on the latest fraud trends and prevention techniques. We encourage our customers to promptly report any potential fraudulent activities they may encounter.


Customer Awareness and Education

We believe that customer education is key in the fight against fraud. To protect yourself from fraudulent activities, we recommend the following best practices:


  • Regularly review your financial statements and policy documents for any discrepancies.

  • Be cautious of phishing attempts and verify the authenticity of emails or calls before sharing any personal information.


Reporting Fraud

If you suspect any fraudulent activities or have concerns regarding the security of your policy or personal information, please report it immediately. You can contact our office at

+264 61 202 3800 or send an email to Our team will thoroughly investigate all reports and take appropriate action.


Confidentiality Assurance

We value the confidentiality of your information. Our internal policies and procedures strictly enforce the confidentiality of customer data. Rest assured that your personal information will only be used for legitimate purposes and in accordance with our privacy policy.



We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and fraud prevention to protect our valued customers. Thank you for choosing Namforce Life Insurance and entrusting us with your insurance needs.


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