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Opinion - No one can predict the future, but we can protect it

Namforce Life Insurance Limited (Namforce) is a 100% Namibian life insurance company with the best interest of all Africans in mind. We are a company that is fully committed to meeting the individual needs of every customer, which includes service offerings that understand the needs of a Namibian going through a very difficult financial period under the economy.

In Africa, let alone Namibia, the insurance market is mixed and inconsistent when relating to factors such as size, growth as well as the degree of consolidation. According to an article written by Umar Bagus in 2020, Africa has become one of the world’s hot regions for insurance due to steady economic growth alongside a heavily underdeveloped insurance sector in most countries across the continent.

Our organisation is devoted to protecting what matters most to you – this includes those that matter the most to you. With the ever growing need to provide, nurture and care it is ever so important to consider life changing decisions that affect your future.

As mentioned above, Namforce is a Namibian-owned company which stemmed from the need for the Namibian government to help provide insurance cover to the brave and loyal members of the Namibian defence force right after the country’s independence during the early 1990s. Namforce was officially licensed by the regulator in 2017 and has dutifully provided insurance cover to members of the public since then, this means our products are created with Namibia and Namibians in mind.

Additionally, the value of similar sectors rubbing shoulders and engaging in serious discussions, as well as through stakeholder networks, grants another side of cooperation and collaboration. Namibia is the least densely populated SADC country with a population of less than three million inhabitants; therefore, it is of utmost importance to support initiatives that boost the economy through trade and networking. Post pandemic innovations have also helped us connect with more people virtually, whether it be for question-and-answer sessions or consultation with our advisors, we must admit, however, that the traditional way still remains more impactful. Furthermore, our goal is to allow Namibians to live their life without too much worry, to have that safety net while you are here and even when you are gone. From our staff training to our technology investments, we ensure our systems and people deliver a top-quality solution for clients.

At Namforce, and with the rest of the insurance companies, we have been challenged to test our operational ways of doing things, to continuously improve our way of servicing in a more advanced and technologically driven way. These service offerings have been customized because we believe in the Namibian dream, we believe that each and every Namibian should have the opportunity to either pay for medical emergencies, have funeral insurance and/or protect your child’s future in terms of education through savings and investment-related insurance.

Moreover, insurance helps with long-term planning and is useful for retirement planning. This will in turn create a society of Namibians that are financially secure as well as financially supported against all risks linked to life, health, and property. In addition to catering to Namibian needs, Namforce is also taking a step in promoting a more inclusive, connected Africa by nurturing socio-economic growth through insurance and networking. Such milestones are not only celebrated in isolation but have an overspill on our economy and allow us to keep our expertise, skills and money within our borders to further develop our continent. Namibia will now easily be part of the statistics reflecting Southern Africa and Africa on a global level to reflect the status quo. In conclusion, we will remain committed to living up to our core values. Customer centricity is what our brand revolves around – and through our young, dynamic, and professional team, we are sure that these values are instilled in the heart of Namforce.

*Martin Shaanika is the managing director of Namforce


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