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NamForce donates protective gear to soldiers

NamForce Life Insurance Limited, a subsidiaries of the Namibia Defence Force (NDF) on Monday donated hand sanitizers, gloves and masks to NDF members stationed at road blocks for protection from COVID-19 during lock down period.

The donation ceremony took place at the Ministry of Denfence Force in the capital, where NamForce Board Chairperson Marilyn Maurihungirire handed over the equipment to Acting Chief of Namibian Defence Force Air Wing Marshal Martin Pinehas.

Maurihungirire said, the donation was necessitated by the fact that soldiers assisting the Namibian Police Force to maintain peace and order during the lock down period do not have protective gears and they are interacting with a lot of people on daily basis, thus expose and leave then vulnerable to contracting the virus.

“We have noticed that soldiers are the ones on the ground most of the time, and this makes them vulnerable to get infected with the virus as they are seeing a lot of people for all those days of the lock down,” said Maurihungirire.

Acting Chief of Namibian Defence Force Air Wing Marshal Martin Pinehas who received the donation on behalf of NDF said, he is grateful to NamForce management for making a “patriotic gesture” to help men and women in uniform and keep them safe from the Corona virus.

“I will make sure that these equipment reaches all the checkpoints as they are intended for, and I hope that by next week every one at the check points have all the necessary protective gears. I also call upon other entities, especially NDF related companies to help with whatever they can to fight Corona virus.

He added that ever since the lock down started on Friday night, members of the public have been cooperative and he is satisfied with their conducts, and urged them to continue like that as the country can only overcome the fight against COVID-19 when people are working together.

Source: Namibia Press Agency

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