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Namforce on Assisting Platforms that Nurture the Economy

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Participating in showcasing efforts, enables start-ups and well-established corporations to develop and thrive by showcasing their goods and services to a large audience who might not have the time to explore what the organisations have to offer them.

We can now demonstrate what we do and how it will help consumers and potential consumers through platforms such as the Windhoek Agricultural Show.

Namibia boasts a population of under 3 million, and it is critical to support initiatives that strive to boost the economy through trade and networking.

Referencing the pandemic once more, much isolation has resulted in a greater need, now more than ever before, to network and to appreciate platforms that have been put on hold due to social distancing and the severity of the killer virus.

We will now be able to connect with more businesses and consumers and develop stronger collaborations that we have missed out on over the past two years.

Our businesses will once more have an opportunity to put in efforts to utilise networking events and, as such, to gain new prospects and allow that personal touch to further elevate customer relations.

As much as digital platforms have boomed during lockdown, we must admit, from an African point of view especially, that personal interaction still remains more impactful.

From networking spaces, we are able to once more engage from the "people’s point of view" with more compassion and understanding.

In our industry, especially the insurance sector, much one-on-one is celebrated before committing financially and offers insightful information to further drive the financial literacy narrative.

The value of similar sectors rubbing shoulders and engaging in serious discussions, as well as through stakeholder networks, grants another side of cooperation and collaboration.

From the perspective of the consumer, there is no better place to shop than under one roof in the comfort of their own time. It is for this reason, that Namforce decided to utilise face-to-face consultations on a public platform to make it easier for its customers and potential customers.

Collective engagement

This diverse exhibition space saves people time and money by enabling them to access a variety of services and goods in one location.

Customers are more engaged since showcasing activities provide them with a platform to quickly learn about the goods and services available and to enquire more and be given more conviction on their preferred options. As corporates, it is important to applaud such organisations and support other exhibitors to ensure that our Namibian economy is invested in our own and stays within our borders.

During lockdown, it was evident how dependent Namibia was in terms of imports and exports, and therefore, building a culture of buying and purchasing more Namibian-owned products will help us support our own service delivery.

This may still take time as we are barely trying to recover from many setbacks over the past few years. Thus, venues that call for Namibian companies to sell and trade under one roof should be embraced even more than before.

For this reason, Namforce has decided to hold hands with other corporates and exhibitors at this year’s Windhoek Agricultural Show to further sensitise the public around financial literacy.

Not only to promote financial literacy, but to promote the vehicles that have been designed to help the public, especially in such uncertain times.

Our qualified team will be able to walk show attendees through the importance of saving and securing a comfortable future with products that have been customised to assist them.

We are proud to be a fully Namibian-owned life insurance company and will continue to fulfil our mandate to educate Namibians and lend them a helping hand to reduce financial distress in a society that has experienced a global pandemic. We trust that all corporations and attendees this year will come out in numbers to fully understand the significance of our ever-growing industry through support, collaboration, and investment of their own.

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