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Namforce expands services to the public

Namforce recently relaunched its brand identity, and extended its products and services to the rest of the public, with various stakeholders in attendance at the Hilton Hotel.

At the same occasion, Namforce managing director Martin Shaanika thanked the defence ministry for utilising its services since its inception.

Shaanika mentioned that through the ministerial partnership, they have been able to extend its services to the public.

“We found it fitting to celebrate once more on this accomplishment to not only serve our main client, which is the ministry of defence, but to extend our service offerings to every Namibian. Honourable Kapofi, allow me to express our sincere gratitude to you and your ministry for the support and belief when we first embarked on this journey in 2015. Without your ministry, we would not have been able to make it this far – and let alone expand our services to the rest of the nation.”

In response, Kapofi congratulated Namforce for their long and excellent services in ensuring peace of mind for its members and celebrated this by saying: “Namforce is the brainchild of a very noble mission. During the early 1990s, very soon after independence, there was a need for the Namibian government to help provide insurance cover for the brave and loyal members of the Namibian armed forces. It was on this basis that the Namibian government established a scheme to provide life, disability and funeral insurance cover for the members of the Namibian defence forces”.

The scheme was from inception administered by various insurance companies until government established a dedicated life insurance company, namely Namforce.

The company was officially licensed by the regulator in 2017 and has been providing insurance cover to members of the armed forces since then.

In attendance at the launch, managing director of August26 Manufacturing Ndapewa Hangula applauded Namforce and its board of directors for expanding into the Namibian market.

“I am profoundly proud of Namforce for achieving this new milestone. Not only for launching this extended initiative to our Namibians but allowing so much more growth within our economy. Such milestones are not only celebrated in isolation but have an overspill on our economy and allow us to keep our expertise, skills and money within our borders to further develop our nation,” she added.

Namforce Chairlady Marilyn Maurihungirire cautioned the public that a re-brand exercise should not be seen as a cosmetic change but should be felt through customer experience.

“A re-brand means nothing if the service does not live up to its core values. Customer centricity is what our brand revolves around – and through our young, dynamic and professional team, I am sure that these values are instilled in the heart of Namforce,” said Maurihungirire.

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